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Dr Aid h+ Hand Sanitizer 500ml

Ethanol Hydrogen Peroxide Solution & Glycerol Hand Sanitizer

WHO recommended formulation

Kills 99.9% Germs


Ethanol                                                               IP         80%     v/v

Hydrogen Peroxide solution                               IP         0.125%  v/v

Glycerol                                                              IP          1.45%   v/v

Perfume                                                                                  q.s.

DM Water/Gel Base                                                                q.s.

Excipients                                                                                q.s.

Approved colour used


Keep Away from fire and open flames.Avoid Eye Contact.In case of Eye Contact rinse Eyes thoroughly with water.In case of irritation discontinue use and consult doctor.


Keep Out of reach of children.


Store protected from heat and moisture.

Store at below 25 degree celcius.

Directions: Apply on your palm .Spread and Rub over.


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