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How is our Lancing Device better than others

1. Patented Technology: Our device does not have any spring, hence Pain-Free blood collection

2. Different Modes: Dr. AId Lancing device has different power modes to choose from ranging from 0-9, so that consumer does not feel pain 

3. Effection Botton: Dr. Aid Lancing device has a special ejection botton to eject lancet pin directly into dustbin so that the user doesn't have to touch the blood inected needle.  

Prepare the Lancing Device

  1. Turn the Lancing Device Cover counter clockwise to remove it.
  2. Insert a new Lancet into the Lancet Carrier and push it down firmly until it is fully seated.
  3. Gently twist the Lancet Needle cover until it separates from the lancet
  4. Replace the Lancing Device Cover. Twist it clockwise until it is snug.
  5. Adjust the puncture depth setting if necessary. The adjustable tip offers 9 levels of skin penetration.To select the desired depth, twist the adjustable tip in either direction. 1 level is for very soft skin and 9 level is for thick and hard skin.


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